Petrovva’s FIRST BOTW!


  • Must be following me
  • Reblogs only
  • Must be a Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf centered blog
  • I will choose 5 blogs to be on a poll, then everyone can vote
  • The 5 will be chosen tonight
  • Voting will end July 1st
  • Winner will be posted Monday July 2nd

Winner will get:

  • A solo promo once a day
  • 3 screenshot promos
  • A place on my sidebar
  • 2 picture promos
  • Anythting else you want (help with votes, ads, etc.)


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Reached my goal promo!

10 reblogs- 5 will be solo other 5 will be in a list:)

  • only reblogs
  • likes ignored :)
  • the 5 solos will be my 5 favorites
  • the other 5 will be in a list
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So. I need a background! Anybody know a blog that makes them? I’ll promo you both?

2 years ago / 1 note

Is anyone elses follower count messed up?

2 years ago / 3 notes
  • elena: Its mystic falls nothing bad ever happens here
  • damon: lol bitch please
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if i was famous, i would make a tumblr and not tell anyone it was me to see how obsessed people were with me.

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Our actions are what sets things in motion, but we have to live with that- The Vampire Diaries…

(painted on my wall lol)

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